Anxious To Courageous

Turn your anxiety into unstoppable courage and create an impactful, successful business you love!

Stop letting anxiety talk you out of growing your business. Instead, discover how to build a business you love without feeling anxious, fearing the judgment of others, or doubting your ability.

You're SO sick and tired of powering on your computer, grabbing your business to-do list, pumping yourself up to promote your business that day only to have anxiety rear its ugly head and stop you dead in your tracks.

You've tried.....

1. Meditating to calm your nerves, BUT....the moment you sit back down at your desk your anxiety spikes, leaving you feeling defeated and your business at a stand-still.
2. Essential oils, BUT...they either didn't work at all or they were so short-lived that you barely had time to send one email before the calm wore off and the anxiety came back, leaving you feeling frustrated.
3. Hiring a mindset coach, BUT...they only wanted to deal with your limiting beliefs and lack of confidence, completely ignoring your anxiety altogether, leaving your pocket book way lighter and your anxiety still in rare form.

And after all that, you STILL have anxiety, you STILL aren't seeing the results you desire in your business, and you STILL feel frustrated, defeated, and broken. 


  • Waking up and actually being excited about doing Discovery Calls
  • Logging into your Zoom account and being completely confident in the presentation you're about to give
  • Having the courage to go Live in your Facebook Group 
Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? 

Keep reading and I'll show you exactly how you can do all of these things and MORE...
But who am I to teach you these things....

I've created my coaching business without having to spend countless hours in therapy, wasting thousands of dollars on essential oils, or spending hours each morning calming my nerves. I wake up each morning excited about building my business, stoked at the fact that I get to turn a stranger into a client, and elated at the fact that I am finally living my dream!

But things weren't always like this for me... 

In 2010 I experienced the first of many anxiety attacks. I was on my way to work and all of the sudden I felt like I was about to pass out. My heart started racing a million miles a minute, I broke out into a cold sweat, and no matter what I did I simply could not get my hands to stop shaking. Things got so severe that I had to pull my car over on the side of the road and call for help. 

This one day of anxiety began the worst 5 years of my life. I lived every single moment of my life in fear. I would wake up scared to death of another anxiety attack and I'd go to bed every single night scared to death of another anxiety attack. I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep, and I couldn't focus on anything but the anxiety.

For over a year I wouldn't even leave my house because every single time I even thought about opening the front door my anxiety skyrocketed and before I knew it I was sitting in the middle of my living room floor shaking, crying, and feeling like that was the moment I was going to die.

I tried medications, I tried therapy, and I tried thinking about something else when my anxiety began acting up, but nothing worked.

It seemed like no matter how hard I tried, I could not overcome the debilitating anxiety attacks.

But finally, it hit anxiety was a MENTAL disorder. Yes, the medication helped some, yes, the therapy helped some, but if I was going to beat this disorder I needed to deal with it MENTALLY.

I started testing out my theory, and it wasn't long before I started seeing the results I'd been longing for...

  • I was able to lay my head down on my pillow at night and actually sleep
  • I was enjoying all the foods I loved because I finally had an appetite
  • I was outside feeling the sun on my face
And the best part of all?.....I was actually smiling and enjoying my life again!

I've been in your shoes, I've fought your fight, and I can promise you it CAN GET BETTER!

Welcome To....
Anxious To Courageous

The first step-by-step monthly membership for aspiring female entrepreneurs that want to not only discover what's causing their anxiety, but also develop the confidence and courage they need to promote their business, attract more ideal clients, and increase their impact.
Phase 1: Understanding Your Anxiety

In this phase you'll learn: 

  • What might be causing your anxiety
  • Signs of an upcoming anxiety attack
  • How to spot an attack before it starts
To help you complete this phase, you'll get:

  • Short, self-paced courses 
  • Short assignments to help you absorb what you just learned
  • Cheatsheets and checklists

Phase 2: Reducing Your Anxiety

In this phase you'll learn:

  • How to redirect your anxious thoughts
  • Helpful tips on how to remain grounded
  • Nutrition ideas for lowering your anxiety
To help you complete this phase, you'll get:

  • A guided meditation
  • PDFs for creating a mindful life
  • Our Anxiety-Friendly Meal Planner

Phase 3: Increasing Your Confidence

In this phase you'll learn:

  • How our self-talk affects anxiety
  • Anxious thinking patterns
  • How to overcome our limited beliefs
To help you complete this phase, you'll get:

  • Fill-in-the-blank worksheets
  • Thinking Patterns PDF
  • Helpful affirmations for overcoming limited beliefs


On top of receiving all 18 current core lessons, you'll also get....

  • Live Group Traning Calls Each Month
  • Private Member's Area Access With User-Created Password Protection
  • Unlimited Email Support For 6 Months
  • Lifetime Access To Our Private Facebook Group
  • Free access to any new core lessons in the future


👉 All 18 core lessons ($1,746 Value)
👉 Guided Meditation ($97 Value)
👉 Trigger Identification Cheatsheets ($27 Value)
👉 Mindful Life PDF ($47 Value
👉 Anxiety-Friendly Meal Planner ($97Value)
👉 Fill-In-The-Blank Worksheets ($17 Value)
👉 Thinking Patterns PDF ($47 Value)
👉 Affirmations For Anxiety ($27 Value)
👉 Live Group Training Each Month ($1,297 Value)
👉 Private Member's Area ($97 Value)


TODAY'S PRICE: $47/month

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but that's not all!!

Action Taker Bonuses

1. Affirmations For The Anxious Entrepreneur     Value= $97
            Start your day off right with a positive mindset

2. Anxiety 911 Toolkit                                                        Value = $197
           Be prepared for any upcoming anxiety that might arise

Limited Time Bonus

3. Complete Anxious To Courageous Workbook   Value = $997
         Have all of your program resources right at your fingertips

Total Value Including Bonuses: $6,567
Today's Price:  $47/month

By entering payment information you are agreeing to Kimberly Herbert Coaching's Terms and Conditions and confirm that you have read Kimberly Herbert Coaching's Privacy Policy.
Plus, you'll be backed by our Cancel Anytime Guarantee

If you're on the fence, I've got your back.....

I've been battling anxiety for over 12 years, and have been a business owner for over a year. I'm confident that if you follow this program, apply what you learn, and use the support resources available to you, you will see a reduction in your anxiety. 

But if for any reason, you find you don't love Anxious To Courageous, you may cancel your membership at any time by sending an email to

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I trust you? 
Anxious To Courageous is based on my own journey with anxiety disorder. Everything that I share inside the program is things that I utilize in my own day-to-day life. 

What support is included?
With Anxious To Courageous, you are never left to fend for yourself. You will have support from our Private Facebook Group, the ability to ask questions during our Live Group Training, unlimited email support from me for the entire 6 months, and if there's something you need to discuss in private you have access to unlimited 1-on-1 support calls for the entire 6 months.

What happens after I buy? When do I get access to the material?
Once you complete your purchase you will receive two emails. The first email will confirm your purchase and the second email, sent directly after the first, will contain the steps to access our Private Member's Area.

My schedule is already jam-packed, what sort of time commitment am I looking at?
I get it! I'm a busy woman too and there's absolutely no way I could fit a long video or lesson into my day. With Anxious To Courageous, each module is broken down into short, bite-sized lessons that shouldn't take any more than 15-30 minutes tops. Lesson assignments take maybe 5-10 minutes to submit, and all of our Live Group Training is recorded making it easy to fit in whenever you have time. 

Can I cancel if I decide this isn't for me?
You may absolutely cancel your membership at any time by sending an email to

What's your refund policy?
As it is not possible to unlearn the information provided in our membership, subscription fees are non-refundable.